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NI Premium Brands Rogue FB 2 - Portable Lighting Kit
Rogue FB 2 - Portable Lighting Kit

Rogue FB 2 - Portable Lighting Kit


Rogue FB 2 - Portable Lighting Kit

Rogue FlashBender 2 - Portable Lighting Kit


For avid flash photographers, our new Portable Lighting Kit includes a collection of versatile light modifiers to equip 4+ speedlights.


Portable Lighting Kit Includes:

  • FlashBender 2 - LARGE Reflector
  • FlashBender 2 - SMALL Reflector
  • LARGE Diffusion Panel
  • SMALL Diffusion Panel
  • Rogue Flash Gels - Combo Filter Kit
  • Rogue 3-in-1 Flash Grid - Stacking Grid System
  • Rogue Grid Gels - Combo Filter Kit
  • Rogue FlashBender Travel Bag



Soften light with soft boxes on-camera or off-camera
Shape bounce flash and background light
Snoot hair light
Focus light with the Rogue Grid for dramatic effect
Add theatrical accent color with Rogue Flash Gels
Color correct flash for improved color balance
Total Kit Weight: 19 oz (540g)


What gels are included in this kit?

The Combo Filter Kit includes 1 each of the following colored gels: Chocolate, Smokey Pink, Follies Pink, Bright Red, Rust, Dark Salmon, Oklahoma Yellow, Medium Yellow, Deep Purple, Special KH Lavender, Just Blue, Medium Blue Green, Steel Green, Moss Green.

The Combo Filter Kit includes 1 each of the following color correction gels: 1/4 CTO, 1/2 CTO, Full CTO, 1/2 CTB, Plus Green, 2 f/stop Diffusion.


What's New with FlashBender 2?


New FlashBender Attachment Design: FlashBender 2 reflectors use an improved belt and buckle design to provide a faster and more secure attachment to your flash. The integrated attachment strap is adjustable to fit all popular brands of accessory flashes with a circumference measuring from 8" to 9 3/4".


New 20% - 30% Lighter Weight Reflectors: We developed custom fabrics for the FlashBender 2 Reflectors to reduce weight and soften highlight reflections. The softer fabrics also allow for increased flexibility and improved light shaping abilities.

Item no. ROGUEKIT2
Manufacturer Expoimaging Inc  » www.expoimaging.com
Manufacturer Item no.
EAN 751751040295






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