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EFI Fiery Edge and Fiery Verify new in XF 7.1.5 

Why replacing Color Verifier? What is Fiery Edge?

Why replacing Color Verifier?

What is different to Color Verifier?

- 64-bit versus 32-bit application (macOS 10.15 support!)

- New user interface with enhanced usability including:

- Easy creation of tolerance presets

- Easy switch between tolerance presets

- Flexible spot color measurement comparisons

- Multiple comparisons in parallel (multiple Fiery Verify instances)

- Different job verification workflow with Fiery XF

- Job management is done through Fiery Command Workstation (Job list not presented in Fiery Verify)

- Job verification starts with measurement and measured results shown in Fiery Verify

- Measurement mode definition at “Server Manager” -> “Printers” -> “Verify” • No 2D slices and 3D color gamut comparisons

- PDF label generation to support any kind of label printer

- Support of new measurement devices that are supported with CPS 5.3.1 or higher (e.g. ES-3000)

- Comparison of different measurement device readings


What is Fiery Edge? Next generation color profiling technology for Fiery Driven printers.

- Higher precision

- Smoother color transitions and blends

- Enhanced shadow detail in neutral and chromatic areas

- Better blacks for more dynamic range

- More image definition, depth & clarity

- Superior rendering of RGB images containing blues and reds

- Support for up to 8 color channels


Have a look at video:





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