• DALIM SOFTWARE GmbH, with headquarters in Kehl, Germany, designs and develops Software Solutions and Apps for the Graphic Communication Industry. They specialize in innovative productivity workflow and communication software solutions for any industry looking at streamlining its production of graphic assets.
    Among their customers are some of the largest, most well-known companies in the industry and quite a few large international brands.

    Dalim ES, a collaborative digital asset production and management platform

    Whether a newspaper advertisement, catalog pages, a series of labels for a bottle or any other marketing material, managing a project consists of much more than just a single task. It’s about producing, managing, transforming and sharing digital content with the appropriate tools, the right people, at the right time — any time and anywhere.

    ES is a collaborative digital asset production and management platform, offering services ranging from online approval to web-based production environment for all participants of the production cycle, including brand owners, agencies, publishers, pre-media, printers and multichannel service provider. ES lets users plan, execute and control any aspect of media production, regardless of the final use of the output (print, web, ebook, movie, and others). It ensures productivity and longterm profitability.

  • Dalim Dialogue Engine and  Dalim Twist

    Dialogue Engine

    Whether for colour, content or layout, sooner or later a proof is required to share your work with clients for last minute changes or final approvals. But with tight deadlines and the geographic separation between business partners, traditional proofing methods might not be suitable to ensure an efficient communication process, making soft proofing the obvious alternative.

    DIALOGUE Engine is a Fogra certified and SWOP® certified soft proofing solution, designed to be an integrative part of any existing third party DAM or custom-designed web page. Through its Software Development Kit (SDK), clients simply add soft proofing capabilities to a system they already feel comfortable with. And, since it is all based on super-fast HTML5, no plug-ins are required – leading to simpler support and operation for end users.

    TWIST is the most scalable and flexible workflow engine available. In today’s fast-paced world of content delivery, where clients expect faster file turnarounds – along with more competitive pricing – businesses require efficiency, productivity and security from their solutions.

    Some of the industry’s most recognizable companies use TWIST to achieve high throughput, reliability and flexibility in demanding environments. They gain significant performance with features such as the ability to build an almost infinite variety of processing paths, a very extensive modular feature set, and automation of repetitive tasks such as preflighting, file optimization and conversion, color management and image transformations (to name a few).