• GMG Color har varit partner till NI Solutions sedan tidigt 2000-tal. De har under mer än 20 år varit den drivande aktören inom färgstyrning, provtryck och färgoptimering. Nu sätter de också standarden för multicolor-hantering inom extended gamut printing.

    OpenColor – Precise simulations with spectral data
    Printing as an industry is not as standardized as many other sectors. This makes achieving consistent brand appearance a real challenge. GMG OpenColor is using a proprietary spectral calculation model and can precisely predict the interplay between varying processes, substrates, and overprinting. The patented conversion technology enables color-accurate simulation – even without test charts. In addition to spectral color data, printing process, substrates and even ink sequence are taken into account. If a parameter changes, a profile can be quickly calculated without the need to run a new proof.

    ColorProof – Consitent proof system results anytime, anywhere
    GMG ColorProof is at the heart of a powerful system integrating digital color proofing devices and GMG proof media that simulate the final print results of a printing press. GMG’s innovative calibration concept ensures stability and reliability across a range of proofing- and measuring-devices in multiple locations.

    Color Server – creating uniform color standards instantaneously
    Whether you're a print shop or pre-press company, the problem is usually the same: customers often deliver print data in color spaces or with data that still needs preparation for different printing methods. The testing and normalization of diverse PDF data is time consuming using conventional methods. GMG ColorServer reduces this time needed by providing fully automated color conversions for all printing processes, guaranteeing consistent results for a variety of printing processes and substrates.

    GMG ProofMedia - the most reliable proofing media
    There’s no better paper for proofing than GMG ProofMedia. The optimal quality of a proof is only guaranteed if all the system components are perfectly aligned and work together seamlessly. As such, high importance is attached to the proofing media. Ultimately, it's responsible for color space size and reproducibility of proofs. GMG proofing media is available for most diverse requirements. From semimatte, matte and gloss papers (with or without optical brighteners) for offset, gravure and photographic applications, to special paper for newspaper applications, and transparent film for flexo and packaging applications.